WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) — A Nebraska ranch is mounting up to help veterans with mental health issues with a unique type of support animal.

Dreamer’s Place is a new non-profit located just outside of Wayne with a mission to help those who need a little peace in their life by introducing them to some equine friends. The ranch has four horses and a donkey who are all rescues and are being trained to be emotional support animals. KCAU 9 spoke with the owners of the ranch about why they provide the service.

“My family is horse people so we decided that we needed to do something with them, since we have them and the best thing to do is to offer them to other people to use and just let them forget what they’ve had happen to them, just for 5 minutes,” said Laura Nelson of Dreamer’s Place.

If you would like to see the animals yourself, they’re having their grand opening on May 27.

Nelson said that they are about connecting people and horses. Horses have a way of being able to tell people’s emotions, which makes them good therapy animals.

“Therapy animals, they don’t judge you, unlike people that may of may not judge you. Therapy animals, may it be a service dog, a regular dog, or the horses here, they don’t judge you and you’re able to be with them and be comfortable with them,” said Coley Kiscer, a former Army Sergeant.

Therapy animals can help people leave the house, according to Nelson, by

“Horses are something you can connect with. I just see that piece and calmness they give not only myself but my family, my husband, and my kids,” Nelson said.