SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — College football fans in Sioux City now have a new way to celebrate their favorite team’s victories.

A collection of businesses around downtown Sioux City came together to throw a tailgate party in the middle of the street on 4th Street and Jones Street on Saturday and the festivities were for a good cause.

Besides games, there was food, beverages, and cornhole. The money raised will go to organizations like Welcome Home and the Hope Center.

“Just really have a type of community, bring together local brands, local entrepreneurs who are doing great things, who are willing to donate their time and great sponsors,” said Jeff Carlson of Sioux City RE/MAX, “All the proceeds from this benefitting those awesome impact agencies who are having such a tremendous impact on Sioux City.”

This event was a first for the organizers and they indicated that they hope to do it again next year.