Several downtown Sioux City apartment dwellers were forced from their homes Thursday night by smoke and flames.  But the dangerous conditions weren’t coming from inside their apartments.

Sioux City Fire Rescue initially responded to reports of a car on fire.  It was where that vehicle was parked that produced some chaos and forced residents to vacate their apartments.

Flames quickly spread from the burning SUV, igniting the outside of apartment buildings on either side and only a few feet away.

“No major damage, it’s just superficial mostly. Windows and glass shattered from the heat and then just some superficial damage from the flames. When they got up here the vehicle was fully involved and they had flames impinging on the two buildings on either side of the vehicle, so they called for a full response,” said Asst. Fire Chief Brad Robinson.

According to Robinson, tenants were expected to be able to return to their apartments before bedtime.
Fire investigators are still determining what may have caused the car to go up in flames