SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Fall was in full swing Saturday as many partook in this year’s Sioux City Fall Fest.

One of the many weekend events was at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center where people got to learn more about snakes with help from the Nature Center’s snake ambassadors.

Mariah Myers, a naturalist with Dorothy Pecaut, explained why the fall is the perfect time to learn more about snakes.

“Right now, snakes in Iowa are probably getting ready actually for hibernation, so we won’t be seeing them for a little while. So I guess it’s kind of a last hoorah for the snakes [and] to be able to meet them before they kind of tuck in for the winter,” Myers said.

Showing off snakes wasn’t the only event at the Nature Center Saturday. People were also able to enjoy campfire snacks like smores, play fun fall games and take an evening hike through the forest.