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Norfolk, NE (ABC9 News)- For the Pitbull named Grace the past two weeks have been nothing but traumatic. It was then that Grace was shot and left to die. Authorities are still investigating the incident, but have suspects in mind. Locals who found her, called in the Norfolk, NE based group called Furbaby Rescue.

Tammy Darville, one of the founders of the Rescue remembers, “I almost dropped my phone and she said that she was laying on a porch 2 miles from where they’d initially seen her. The fact that she survived 3 gunshot wounds at close range, it kills me to think that anyone could do that to a living breathing animal.”

Furbaby Rescue has been open for a little over a year treating plenty of animals along the way but Grace’s story has really touched them and their supporters. Thanks to social media and a Go Fund Me account, Grace is getting help from as far as Australia.

“We set a $5,000 goal just to try and cover everything and we raised that in less than a week. We’ve gotten letters, we’ve gotten cards, we’ve gotten gifts for her, a lot of great things, a lot of great people out there,” Darville says.

But there have been negative people too. The rescue has received nasty comments and threats towards Grace because she’s a pitbull.

“Grace has been accused of mauling cattle, maiming cattle, killing children, all kinds of horrible things that she would not do as reasons she got shot,” says Darville.

However, Furbaby Rescue says they can’t focus on the negatives because their number one priority right now is getting Grace healthy. Doctors now say she may need more surgery to repair her jaw.

If you would like to help Grace and Furbaby Rescue, you can check out their Facebook Page by clicking here or you can email They also have a Go Fund Me account here.

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