STORM LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) — Fish have been reportedly showing up dead in Storm Lake.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Biologist Ben Wallace reported that he is being notified about dead fish washing up on shorelines in Storm Lake.

Common carp are being impacted by the fish kill, and Wallace released a statement to explain his stance on the issue after investigating.

“I saw only a couple dead fish that were other species, but believe they were unrelated to what’s happening with the mass die-off of common carp. It’s not uncommon to see dead fish wash ashore for a multitude of reasons,” Wallace said, “I believe the carp are dying from a disease that is specifically targeting that species. We were able to rule out dissolved oxygen issues and spawning-related stress. There’s nothing that indicates there was any type of pollution event or toxicity/poison issue either. We obtained a lethargic common carp swimming in the shallows, and its gills exhibited a lot of necrotic tissue, which is a symptom of many different types of diseases. Because of those reasons, and the fact that this is a species-specific kill, it leads me to believe it’s disease-related.”

Wallace explained that, at the moment, he is not worried about the fish population. He also stated these circumstances occur naturally and advised against eating any fish that are sickly, lethargic, or have sores on their body.

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