SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Orpheum Theater Preservation Project has chosen a new board president.

Yesterday, David Bernstein was selected as the new president succeeding Irving Jensen Jr., who passed away last summer.

“It’s an honor, especially being able to fill Irving’s shoes. Irving was a wonderful guy who oversaw the entire restoration here along with the operations for the last many years that we’ve been open,” said David Bernstein, Board President of the Orpheum Theatre Preservation Project.

Bernstein has been involved with the Orpheum Theatre since its restoration 20 years ago.

“I’ve been heavily involved in the theater for many, many years. Irving and I always had an awesome working relationship, very very close; talked more days than we didn’t, and Irving often oversaw the physical aspects of the theater whereas I was always involved heavily operationally, and he greatly deferred to me in that regard relating to content and deals for shows and booking shows,” said Bernstein.

When asked about goals for the Orpheum in 2021, Bernstein said he wants to see the theatre continue to host productions.

“Our goals are really to get as much content in here as we can. We’re ready, COVID-wise, with partitions and sanitizer stations and markings on the floor and limited capacity plans that allow us to do pod seating, and then as we move on from that, continue to grow capacity. We just want to be ready to be able to do that,” said Bernstein.