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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – It’s that time of year where people may be seeing some unwanted guests in their homes. 

It’s “Mice Season” and it usually starts around the Fall.

“Well #1) the temperature change; everything is getting cooler right now. Also, additionally, harvest is happening, so a lot of people in more rural areas might start getting mice in their mores because the crops are getting harvested,” said Chad Jones, technician for Jones Pest Control. 

Chad Jones has been working at his father’s company for over 30 years and has seen some of the ways mice get into houses from small openings to under the garage door. 

“Mice are terrific little critters and they don’t need a whole lot of space to get in and plus they have the ability to chew on areas of the house and they can make a hole all on their own,” said Jones. 

Jones said they can crawl through cracks in the home’s foundation or improperly sealed pipes, so fixing those will keep them out. For the ones indoors, Jones has a solution for that.

“My solution for getting rid of mice in somebody’s house are using sticky traps and child and pet-proof poison containers,” said Jones. 

He also recommends for people to store their foods in containers if they see mice in their homes. 

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