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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Norovirus, also known as the 24-hour stomach flu, is one of the most common outbreaks public health officials deal with.

Tyler Brock with Siouxland District Health explained that the virus is a very common virus that is around all year.

Although there’s more than one way for the virus to spread, the main way for it spread is from people-to-people and most commonly when preparing food.

“In most cases, it is [when] people go to the bathroom, don’t get good handwashing, they prepare food or they get other people sick in that respect,” Brock said.

He also mentioned that it can spread by becoming aerosolized after someone vomits.

The symptoms of Norovirus include vomiting and diarrhea and can normally last for a day.

“Most people with the Norovirus don’t go to the doctor because by the time it’s been a day or so, they’re getting better,” Brock added.

The biggest way to prevent the virus from spreading is to stay home when you’re sick and wait a reasonable amount of days before preparing food for others.

For more information on the Norovirus, click here.

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