Digital Exclusive: Two priests use podcast to reach people who are detached from the Catholic Church

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Two priests from the Diocese of Sioux City have come together to create a podcast to help people who feel disconnected from the church.

“Outcast Catholic” is a 20-minute podcast that focuses on a variety of topics including prayer, the Liturgy, and discussions that would be of interest to young adults and even up to older Catholics.

“’Outcast Catholic’ came out of our desire to reach those who might just feel like they’re unaffiliated with the church and might feel like they’re a little outcast. Kind of those who feel like they’re outcast because they found themselves distance from their parish community. Those who feel outcasted from the church as well though,” said Father Travis Crotty, co-host of “Outcast Catholic” podcast.

“The whole idea of the podcast was started to reach out and help evangelize those who might feel a little disenfranchised from the institutional church or maybe just from a sense of, of belonging to a Christian community,” said Father Shane Deman, co-host of “Outcast Catholic” podcast.

Father Shane Deman and Father Travis Crotty are the voices behind the “Outcast Catholic” podcast.

The podcast was put together to reach people in the community, discuss what they normally talk about in the Diocese, share their concerns, and try to speak into people’s lives.

“Well, we could recognize that there’s a lot of people who are not practicing their faith right now or who are just wondering ‘I don’t know how to find God’ and with the extra technology that’s available to us readily through all of these new means. We want to make that available to people so that their faith is nurtured and that we’re not always expecting to come to us but we can try and go to them through technology,” said Father Deman.

Father Crotty said he feels the podcast has already affected people in the community.

“To already hear people talk about how they’ve really appreciate us kind of touching on the issues that are really meaningful and important to them. They felt very heard that we’ve been able to speak into some of these issues and realities,” said Father Crotty.

Father Deman adds he hopes the podcast draws some people back to thinking about their own faith life or inspire to create some new initiatives from the local parish communities, especially from young adults. 

New episodes of the podcast are released on Wednesday mornings at 7 a.m. on the Diocese of Sioux City’s website and is available on all major podcast directories.

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