Digital Exclusive: The Gospel Mission celebrates five years of having shelter for single men with children

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A local shelter that provides a place for single men with their children to stay is celebrating five years of helping them out.

The Gospel Mission started the shelter because they saw that demographic being neglected and wanted to find a way to help the often-forgotten group of people.

“We are discovering that when it comes to head of households to single parents, the numbers, the statistics, are about even. It’s about 50% mothers and about 50% fathers that are now leading homes as single parents,” said Pastor Tim Hall, The Gospel Mission

Pastor Tim Hall, director of the ministry, said the shelter has four apartments for fathers who have proved to obtain legal custody of their children and be single.

He mentions that in the five years since the shelter began operating, the facility has provided to be a catalyst of inspiration.

“But in this day in age, we’re discovering that a lot of families are now being led by men. So, having this very unique ministry, I trust, is becoming a catalyst of inspiration, almost innovation to other ministries within our community,” said Pastor Hall.

Each apartment includes two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

Edward Fowler, a single father with a 13-year-old daughter who currently resides at the shelter, said the shelter has been very welcoming to both of them.

“The chapel every day is like something that I need and probably something that my daughter needs because rather I want it or not, it was instilled in me, and I have always learned that coming up,” said Edward Fowler, resident.

Fowler mentions he’s been there since August 2020 and the shelter has helped strengthen the bond between him and his daughter from the situation.

“It’s good to have establishments like this because it tells fathers ‘Don’t give up. You don’t have to give up on your kids, not yet.’ There’s still a way, there’s still a chance, there’s still time,” said Fowler.

Pastor Hall mentions he has received phone calls from single dads across the heartland of the country about the Single Men with Children ministry, showing the continuing impact of the shelter.

“It’s been well received. it’s been very effective. I wish [that] we could start to catalog and even maybe develop a library of all the residents that promote out of our care, so that we can archive testimonies,” said Pastor Tim Hall, The Gospel Mission.

Pastor Hall said the residents want the shelter to grow, get more apartments, and extend the program for them to stay longer. The Gospel Mission is flexible with the length of stay for a family depending on the situation.

For more information on the Single Men with Children ministry, call The Gospel Mission at 712-255-1769 and ask for Pastor Hall.

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