Digital Exclusive: Sugar Shack prepares for their busiest time of the year

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The holiday season is officially here and with there being less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, a local bakery is headed into their busiest time of the year.

“We try to plan out ahead of time, as far as, based on what we did last year and make sure we have enough staff to basically bake everything decorate everything. It’s a lot of work,” Claudia Hessa, the owner of Sugar Shack Bakery in Sioux City explained.

Sugar Shack usually averages upwards of around 60,000 Christmas sweets.

“We do a lot of holiday trays, cookie bouquets, bars, things like that. Then, obviously, the small decorated cookies are the most popular,” said Hessa.

With only weeks left until Christmas, the bakery almost doubles their cookie numbers in order to keep up with the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“An average month is probably like 10,000 small decorated [cookies] that we go through and in December it will probably be 40,000 [small decorated cookies],” Hessa added.

Hessa mentioned that there is not a set clock as to when they start prepping because they have staff working around the clock.

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