SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Soup Kitchen is only able to take so much of the donations from the community.

That’s why they are donating what they can’t use to other non-profits in Siouxland.

KCAU 9 Digital spoke with Danielle Tott, director of the Soup Kitchen, to learn more about the situation.

“It’s always stuff I’m sure [people] assume we can use, and a lot of times, it’s not that I can’t use it when it’s food, it’s just that I might have so much of it. That [the food] starts to expiring and ‘What are you going to do?’ So, it’s easier just to pass [the food] along to somebody that is going to be able to use it in time,” said Tott.

It is not just the many food donations that the Soup Kitchen is taking to other local non-profits for them to use; they’re also taking clothing donations, too.

“When it comes to clothing, yeah, like, every week [to take the donations to other non-profits]. I share with the Warming Shelter almost every day. It just kind of depends. I provide lunch for them. So, every day when their manager comes to pick up lunch, whatever things have that have come in that I don’t need or have an excess, go back up there with [the Warming Shelter],” Tott said.

“To give them snacks or breakfast over the weekend. People donate cereal and I don’t serve breakfast. There is absolutely no need cereal, but the Warming Shelter really needs it. So, I gladly accept it because ‘Why not?’ And why make somebody make two trips too,” said Tott.

That’s why being able to go to other local non-profits and donating what they are not able to use helps the community out more.

The Soup Kitchen gives their extra donations to the Boys and Girls Club, the Bargain Center, and even more Siouxland non-profits.