Digital Exclusive: Snyder Bend Lake water levels “short-term problem,” officials say

Digital Exclusive

SALIX, Iowa (KCAU) – Folks visiting Snyder Bend Lake near Salix will notice lower than normal water levels on the lakebed, which has left some locals concerned.

The decreasing levels are due to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) working to improve the area in the coming months.

“It is a little bit lower than usual at Snyder Bend because we are doing some drawdown work there, so intentionally taking some water off of that lake to try to improve the habitat and prepare it for some liquid renovation projects,” said Ben Wallace, fish biologist at the Iowa DNR.

This includes ridding the area of silver carp that have infested and overpopulated the area.

“They were a danger. You have a boat flying, going down the lake, they make a wake, these fish will come out of the water, that’s why they’re called ‘flying carp’ and they’re a danger. They can know people out of boats. They can hurt people,” said Dan Heissel, executive director of the Woodbury County Conservation Board.

Fish biologist Ben Wallace didn’t give a set date when the entire project will be completed but offered a possible window when folks can start game fishing again.

“It’s pretty common when we go in and do some fish population manipulations on lakes, it takes a couple of years to get around,” said Wallace.

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