SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Siouxland Expo Center is getting closer and closer to completion as time goes on and this time they added something on the inside.

The City of Sioux City announced on their official Twitter page that new scoring displays have been installed.

“So behind me is our main video board, sponsored by Hard Rock, and that will be used for a variety of events. It’ll be used for sporting events held on our turf. It’ll also be held for any type of expo that we’re having,” said Matt Salvatore, Director of Sioux City Parks and Recreation.

There are a total of five monitors: the main one and four smaller ones on the side.

“We had an electrical engineer to put together the plans and specifications for the video board itself. So those specifications were used to bid out the project and then we had a number of vendors that submitted a bid to do the video board here at the Siouxland Expo Center,” said Salvatore.

With the software, ScoreVision, all the video boards can be controlled by one person.

“It’s all based on an iPad. Anything you need to do can be done on an iPad in terms of controlling the scoreboards themselves,” said Bill Lane, Recreation Coordinator.

And it’s not just sporting events that can be done in the expo.

“We can really do anything we’d like with them. We can connect to Apple TV if we and play anything off of there. We can use it for music when we end up at some point getting some sound system in here. We can connect it to that and play music during that time. We can play videos, advertisements, anything we need to do,” said Lane.

The department hopes to have the expo center completed and opened some time in September of this year.

For any questions, contact the Sioux City Parks & Rec Department: (712) 279-6126