Digital Exclusive: Sioux City Police remind drivers to be aware of slick winter roads

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – People have seen that some of the roads are cleared of snow, but what about the roads that are partial to completely covered?

Law enforcement officials said drivers still need to be aware of the slick road conditions because they can be unpredictable.

“Anytime you’re traveling at higher speeds, the roads become more and more unpredictable. So, when we have icy roads, your brakes don’t work the same as they normally would. Your accelerator doesn’t work like it normally would. If we have to evasively steer to avoid striking something, that usually doesn’t respond the same either,” said Ofc. Andrew Dutler, Crime Prevention Officer.

Officer Andrew Dutler with the Sioux City Police Department said if you get into a crash or a ditch, people need to call 911 right away.

Sioux City Police will come out, assess the crash, and make sure that you’re alright while protecting your vehicle from being a target for other vehicles on the road.

“If you happen to stall out or get in an accident on the roadway and you can’t move your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to get out of the vehicle a far distance from that traveled portion of the road,” said Ofc. Dutler.

Officer Dutler mentions most of the time, paved roads tend to be slicker roadways because they’ve been cleared off.

But if the snow or the ice is packed sometimes those roads are actually the slicker roadways. 

“Depending on the age of your vehicle, some vehicles are made to be a lot smarter, the newer they are. They have different things like traction control and have the ability to control power put to certain wheels, if you have an all-wheel vehicle,” said Ofc. Andrew Dutler, Crime Prevention Officer.

One way drivers can take better precautions while driving in slick road conditions is don’t slam on your brake or gas pedal but apply steady pressure.

“Oftentimes, when people are faced with inclement weather, they tend to panic. You want to remain calm when you’re driving. Take deep breaths when we have these weather issues, and that will allow you to apply that steady pressure,” said Ofc. Dutler.

When drivers are on the roads and need to evasively turn the steering wheel, use a steady turning pressure instead of a sudden, which may cause the vehicle to spin.

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