Digital Exclusive: SCPD reminds people to lock cars amid increase in thefts

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Sioux City Police Department (SCPD) reported an increase in car thefts over the past two months.

However, criminals often target what’s inside the car rather than the car itself.

“However a lot of times we have individuals or criminals who are looking for easy targets. And so, we’ll have a lot of these criminals looking for vehicles that have valuables,” said Andrew Dutler, SCPD Crimes Prevention.

Valuables like wallets, loose change, cell phones, and even keys.

People can prevent their cars from being stolen by following these simple tips.

“Always leave your vehicle in a well-lit area so at night time if you have to park your vehicle somewhere at night. Make sure you park it underneath a street light or in a well-lit driveway. You want to park in highly visible areas whether we’re talking daytime or night time,” said Dutler.

And of course, locking your car door.

“You always want to lock your vehicle. A lot of times people think ‘I’m just leaving the vehicle for a quick second to go inside the gas station or go inside my house,’ things like this are crimes of opportunity and we always want to limit the opportunity to become a victim,” said Dutler.

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