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VERMILLION, S.D. (KCAU) — Education Specialist Steven Rokusek with South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) visited the Vermillion Public Library Monday afternoon and demonstrated several science experiments and concepts using regular household items.

Science Steve popped balloons, launched foam balls, and created bubbles with dry ice while explaining the science behind the fun.  

“One of the biggest benefits that someone that goes to a show like this gets from it, whether it’s my show or a different science show, is it gets the kids excited about science.” said Rokusek, “It makes them want to learn more about it, and if the kids or the students that come to this want to learn more, it’s going to be easier for them to understand those different concepts whether it’s here or at school.” 

Kids were able to see and hear about why plates with food stay on the table when the table cloth is ripped from underneath them, how a balloon pops with water inside, and how to knock down a tower of cups using only air. The demonstration included hands-on interaction with the science experience, which makes the concepts more memorable.  

“I remembered it because I got to interact with it. And I try to make my shows interactive. Try making them so, you know, so the kids—it appeals to them, it’s fun for them, try getting them involved in it. Whether they’re counting with it 1, 2, 3, whether they’re coming up and trying it. I think if you can make that connection, the kids will remember it and hopefully remember the concepts that go along with it also.”  

According to Science Steve, kids become more interested in learning when they see him having fun with it. Also, by using regular household items he shows them that they can continue to have a fun learning experience at home.

“To me, it’s like when I look out at the kids and I can see the excitement on their face or I can hear them talk about it after the show; how much they like science, how much fun that was. To me it gets them excited about, in this case, the subject of science, they’re going to want to look into it more or learn more about it and that will help them in the future.” 

Science Steve said safety is one of the most important parts of learning and there should always be an adult present during experiments.

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