Digital Exclusive: Officials say “no solid plans” for pedestrian bridge proposal

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Sioux City city council met on Monday night to discuss phase two of the Chris Larsen Park project. One small part got the attention of Siouxlanders.

During the discussion, the topic of a pedestrian bridge proposal came up causing some confusion about how it would get funded.

“We spent most of our time talking about phase two. There has been interest from the council on a pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River to South Sioux, but it’s really just an idea at this point so, there’s no solid plans for a pedestrian bridge at this point, it’s just all been speculation and interest,” said Matt Salvatore, Sioux City Parks and Recs director.

A consultant at the city council meeting Monday night estimated the cost of the proposed bridge would be between $15 to $20 million.

While there is interest from the city council about the idea, some residents feel differently about it.

“To be truthful: I don’t know if it’s worth the expense. I’m not a negative person for the most part, but if they build the park as they are proposing, I could see whether it would be a great asset for visitors to be able to cross the river, but as a local, personally, I’m not that excited about it,” said O’Neal Smith, Sioux City resident.

Salvatore said they would love to have a pedestrian bridge, but it would require a large grant to get it started.

“Right now, it’s going to remain an idea. We’re going to continue to talk about it, but our focus is really on finishing fundraising for phase two and completing construction of the park by 2022,” said Salvatore.

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