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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — In a society where everyone is helping to grow unity and inclusion in their communities, it’s also important to stop bullying.

With October 14 being National Stop Bullying Day, which occurs on the second Wednesday in October, it’s critical to know about the different kinds of bullying.

“Bullying can take many forms. We oftentimes think of physical bullying, but there’s also emotional, there can be rumors and gossip, and obviously cyberbullying,” said Jane Griesel, Siouxland CARES/Safe Place.

Some ways people can tell signs of physical bullying are changes in appearance, cuts, and bruises.

The signs of emotional bullying are changes in behavior, such as being afraid, fearful to go back to a place, mood changes, and being isolated or distanced from others.

“It’s important because bullying occurs in many different places. Sometimes when we think of bullying, we think of maybe children in school settings, where that could happen there. It also could happen at workplaces, as well as even places where adults might live,” said Griesel.

Jane Griesel, an advocate at Safe Place and a member of the Bullying Prevention Community Coalition at Siouxland CARES, mentions bullying happens to many people. The long-term effects of bullying can either alter or change someone and affect them throughout their lifetime.

One advice that she has for people being bullied is you have the right to be safe and the right to be respected.

“For those who try to take power and control over you, you have the right to keep that power. That means responding in a way that keeps both you and those around you safe. Don’t retaliate; a bully likes to see you angry or upset,” said Jane Griesel, Siouxland CARES/Safe Place

Some resources people can get here locally are at Siouxland CARES and Safe Place, while visiting websites such as and

Griesel encourages everyone to stand up for others, whether it’s publicly or privately, befriend those who are being bullied, helping them know there’s someone else there for them.

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