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(KCAU) – Inside of the Pioneer Plaza located in Sergeant Bluff is a non-profit organization that’s helping out the community in a unique way.

Meet The Need Siouxland is a non-profit that helps out other local non-profits in the community.

“Our main goal is to assist other humanitarian non-profit organizations, get the materials goods that they need in order to do the work they do and serve the people and the community that they serve,” said Shelly Ackerman, Meet The Need Siouxland.

Shelly Ackerman, executive director of Meet The Need Siouxland, said the idea behind starting the non-profit was to give people a guide to know where they can take items to donate.

The non-profit is helping to build the bridge between other non-profits and the community through communication links.

“So it would be easily accessible for people to go to the website and look, and it’s easily accessible for the agencies to have their things on that website, and that makes it an easy connection 24 hours a day for someone to go see what people need,” said Ackerman.

Since the organization started in May 2020 during the pandemic, they have already helped out other local non-profits, such as The Gospel Mission.

“[They] helped be a point person that could, you know, start picking up the phone and spend the whole day making calls. Whereas, you know, we have a whole other organization to be running all the time. When we get a big project like [Farmers to Family food box distribution], it’s nice to know that you have other people you could rely on for that,” said Emily Vondrak, The Gospel Mission.

Emily Vondrak, director of development and public relations at The Gospel Mission, said both non-profits have already worked on a number of projects together since partnering up last year.

Meet The Need has also helped The Gospel Mission out by recommending that people take certain donations to them and help promote their programs.

“Meet The Need Siouxland really means an amazing community partner. We kind of, like I said, we’ve worked both ways where we have a need that they help us fill or they have identified someone with a need that we been able to fulfill with our resources, so it’s a bridge that goes both ways,” said Vondrak.

Vondrak mentions having the bridge that facilitates communication and promotes the different non-profit organizations is beneficial for both people who want to donate and to those in need.

For those who want to help local non-profits in the community and see what they need, go to Meet The Need Siouxland’s website.

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