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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The pandemic has made it a challenging year for the entertainment industry, especially the venues.

Two local venues, The Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre, had to get creative with hosting events during this time.

“And I think what we really have done a good job of is innovating. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, we’ve remained proactive, and we feel a duty and an obligation to the community of Siouxland to provide something,” said Tim Savona, general manager.

Tim Savona, general manager for the Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre, said some of the events the center has hosted include the Hump Day Happy Hour series, different sports tournaments, and drive-in movies.

“We will keep chipping away and doing as much as we can through July, but once we get to July, we’re really hopeful that we’ll start to see some return. We’re hopeful to see some concerts again. We have conversations going on with concerts right now for July and beyond,” said Savona.

Enzo Carannante, assistant general manager for the Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre, said the theatre had to scale down the number of seats in order to host events.

“We did an Iowa tour with Maddie Poppe, who’s from Iowa. She hit a couple of different venues in the state of Iowa for a Christmas tour. So, we have been creative in the type of events that we’ve done in a smaller capacity,” said Enzo Carannante, assistant general manager.

The Orpheum Theatre was able to keep running through The Sioux City Symphony Orchestra holding a live stream event, holding weddings, and salvaging many events by rescheduling them for the future.

“When the community is ready to come back out and enjoy entertainment, whether it’s a concert, a theatre performance, Jay Leno comedy night, we’re excited that we’re going to have that opportunity,” said Carannante.

Savona mentions being able to host these events in Sioux City is important because they also help out the community.

“All of these taxes add up and the benefits our community for days to come. Hosting anything that brings people into town is a big deal, and a lot, lot of people are impacted by that so, we really tried to hone in on that,” said Tim Savona, general manager.

Carannante said for both the Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre, the long-term effect from the pandemic is currently too soon to tell.

“As an industry, it’s reimagining what that success looks like and reimagining what the event industry would look like in the future. I think we’ve learned a lot over the time of the pandemic, and I think a lot of that will be applied to how we do our business moving forward,” said Enzo Carannante, assistant general manager.

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