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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — September 28 is National Family Day, a day intended for people to take a break from their daily lives and spend quality time together with their loved ones.

Surprisingly, one positive outcome of COVID-19 is providing more opportunities for families to spend time together. 

“You’ll never regret spending as much time with family members as possible. You get to experience and learn so much from each other. You could never get back time once it’s gone,” said MaryAnne Oehlerking, education coordinator at the Boys and Girls Home.

When people get so busy in their daily lives, whether the kids or the parents, we forget to spend that quality time together.

The pandemic has made everyone rethink of what they can do either locally in town or at home. 

“You can do anything from going out and raking up leaves and playing in the leaves to flying a kite on windy days like [Monday]. You can also cook together and just sit down and have a nice meal together. I think there’s so many things that you can do as a family,” said Leslie Heying, executive director at The Crittenton Center.

Some other ways families can spend quality time together is doing outdoor activities, having long conservations with one another, making art projects, and camping indoors.

When spending time with each other, the parents and the kids are equally benefiting from their time together.

“One, kids need, obviously, to have their parents involved in their lives and to be interested in what they’re doing. So, I think it allows kids some extra time to spend with their parents. It gives their parents extra time to spend with their kids asking them the questions, you know, ‘How their day went?’ ‘What’s going on in their lives?,'” said Heying.

The time to have quality family time depends on your schedule and your family.

“There’s no definite time for family time. It could be right away in the morning, it could be early afternoons, you make it work with your family’s schedule,” said Oehlerking.

The short-term outcomes of having family time is helps reconnect the family and makes everyone feel better, while the long-term outcome of the quality time is setting a good example for the children, so they can do the same when they have their own children.

The Boys and Girls Home has a video library for parents to use by clicking here.

The Crittenton Center has two family programs that families can use: the Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES) and its Resource Center.

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