Digital Exclusive: How to keep your health and fitness New Year’s resolution

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A New Year means new resolutions, many of which involve health and fitness.

This time of the year sees many folks going to the gyms or starting a new diet.

I think it’s common around New Year’s mostly because the New Year kind of signifies a fresh start for a lot of us. Also, it’s typically the time right after a lot of us have had a lot of holiday celebrations, so some of us may have over-indulged at some of those celebrations, but still enjoyed making those memories,” said Andrea Parman, registered dietitian at Sioux City Hy-Vee.

According to Parman, with diets like Keto and Atkins, folks will see immediate results in the beginning, but sooner or later, the weight comes back.

“With a lot of those diets, you’ll see that result kind of right off the bat, especially with some of those lower carb diets typically. Research has shown that those lower carb diets, the first month or two would help support weight loss, however, long-term they’re not really shown to help keep it off,” said Parman.

Along with a gradual change in one’s diet, adding exercises such as running, or weightlifting can help Siouxlanders lose weight.

“There are physical activity guidelines for Americans too. There’s like a bazillion studies that have shown that regular exercise helps to maintain that weight loss and can help support weight loss as well,” said Parman.

It is recommended that folks talk with their doctor about what diet and exercise plan will work for them.

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