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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Many of us have used rides like Uber and Lyft to get around safely, but we don’t think about the drivers.

Earlier this morning, a Lyft driver was robbed and assaulted by the passenger he picked up. The driver reported the incident a little before 3 in the morning and sustained only minor injuries.

To find out how drivers can keep themselves safe, I talked to a Lyft driver.

“I’ve had issues when I’ve done the after hours, I call it “The Drunk Run”, with riders getting a little antsy, so I do have pepper spray for those kind of things,” said Brian Swaine, a Lyft driver.

Swaine has been a Lyft driver for seven months and told me about some of the companies policies when it comes to their drivers such as being able to refuse passengers that may be belligerent or what kind of protective equipment they can carry.

“Lyft will not allow drivers to have anything that is semi-lethal or lethal, so we’re not allowed to have tasers or handguns or anything like that,” said Swaine.

He added that picking up passengers is up to the driver’s discretion.

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