Digital Exclusive: ArtSplash returns to Downtown Sioux City in 2021

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Earlier this week, it was announced that one local festival is set to make a return with in-person attendance.

The ArtSplash festival will be in Sioux City, but this time in a new location.

“It’s been a while since the [ArtSplash] festival has been sort of a part of the downtown. When we used to be on the Riverfront, it felt like we were an offshoot of downtown and bringing it to the campus at the Art Center here will help make it feel much more like a downtown festival,” said Todd Behrens, director of the Sioux City Art Center.

Behrens said the time felt right to bring ArtSplash to the venue after having to cancel it last year due to the pandemic.

Some Siouxlanders agree with the new location due to its cultural value.

“Moving to the Art Center down there would be really good because people could see that we do have a good art center,” said Ron Coleman, a Sioux City resident.

Some locals like it for the aesthetics.

“Well, actually it’s a more urban setting so I think it will have an urban feel as opposed to an outdoor-kind of in the forest like in Riverside and riverfront when it was in the Riverfront,” said Joe Walding, a Sioux City resident.

Of course, Behrens is still taking precautions during the planning process.

“We weren’t able to do ArtSplash last year, of course, because of COVID and although things are getting much better, COVID is impacting a lot of festival types: the vendors, the artists, and things like that. So, we anticipated that this year was going to be a smaller event anyway,” said Behrens.

No official date for ArtSplash has been announced yet.

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