Digital Exclusive: Animals getting loose more frequently at this time of year

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – People have seen posts on social media about pets being lost, missing, or even found by strangers roaming around.

Officials say the spring and summertime are where they see the most animals run loose outside without an owner.

“Sometimes they escape out of the door; sometimes they climb their fences. Sometimes people come into their yards and forget to shut the gates, or they will run out of the yard. Some people simply abide by the leash law, and they let their animals run,” said Cindy Rarrat, Sioux City Animal Adoption & Rescue Center.

Cindy Rarrat, owner of Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, said the increase of lost or missing pets is because folks are home more due to COVID.

Being able to have any kind of communication from the social media posts about the animals helps them get back to their owners.

“Sometimes people are very proactive, and if they lost their pet, they’re out looking for it, or they will send us a picture right away to say that ‘If this animal comes in or if you’re in this area, please look for our pet. We’re desperately looking for it.’ We definitely help those people,” said Rarrat.

Rarrat says the social media posts have been very successful in finding the pets, and they work with other shelters in and out of the area to share information about the animals.

Some ways that owners can keep their pets safe from being lost or missing is having a leash that’s suitable for the animals and making sure there are no holes in the fences.

“It’s our goal to educate the people of the importance of the leash law. Keep people safe and pick up the strays that are running loose so that they can be brought in off of the streets; they’re safe. We can rehabilitate them, spay and neuter them, and then adopt them out,” said Cindy Rarrat, Sioux City Animal Adoption & Rescue Center.

The leash law states that owners who have cats and/or dogs living within the city limits must be on a leash when they’re outside and off their property.

Owners who break the law once will be issued a $100 citation, and if their habitual offenders, they will be issued citations between $200 to $300.

For more on the lost or missing pets in the Sioux City area, go to their Facebook page and website.

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