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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — While many people shop for their pets, there are many pets in shelters waiting for their forever homes.

KCAU 9 Digital talked with Chris Wall, the Vice President of Hannah’s Incorporated, owner of Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue, about what they do is important and what the animals do during the day until they are adopted out or transferred to another shelter.

“Obviously the main objective is to to the owners to reclaim them [the pets]. A lot of the animals are microchipped or they have tags on them allowing us to contact the owner,” Wall stated about the main goal for animal control.

If the found pets do not have a microchip or tags, then animal control will wait until the owners contact them. However, if the owners don’t contact animal control within seven days, the pets will put into the SCAAR’s adoption program.

Wall explained to KCAU 9 Digital what happens once a pet is put in the adoption program, “The longest time that we’ve had a dog here for is six months and three weeks looking for a home. When we make a commitment in finding a dog a home, that’s exactly what we do. There’s no time clock on the wall, they are not put to sleep after a certain number of days like people tend to think.”

During the day, the dogs are rotated out with the kennel staff and many volunteers for an hour to get a break from being in their kennels.

“We actually got a great army of volunteers that come in and they take the dogs out for walks and they bring them treats and that kind of stuff. It usually gets pretty boring in the cages for about 23 hours a day, normally. We try to each rotate them and get them outside to play in the field,” Wall mentioned.

The cats get to go into the cat condo that is in the cat room so they can get some fresh air and get out of their kennels too.

The adoption fees for dogs are $99 and the cats are $50. All adoption fees include a microchip, rabies shot (if old enough), shots and a city license if the adoptor is a Sioux City resident. However, if you are unable to adopt, you can ‘sponsor a pet’ and which includes putting some money towards the adoption fee so it makes it easier for others to adopt.

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