Digital Exclusive: 2 additional police officer positions remain open at Sioux City Police

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Businesses and companies sometimes struggle to have their open job positions filled up, but you never think about law enforcement having those problems.

The Sioux City Police Department is currently having a hard time filling two new police officer positions.

“It’s competitive. So we know in Sioux City, we’re competing with departments and law enforcement agencies within a 300-mile radius of Sioux City. That includes places like Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln, Nebraska, Sioux Falls,” said Ofc. Andrew Dutler, Crime Prevention Officer.

Ofc. Andrew Dutler with the Sioux City Police Department said the department is looking to have 127 sworn personnel but currently operating with 125 personnel.

The police department is having a difficult time over the last year filling those positions due to people applying to other departments at the same time and take those job offers.

“Well, anytime we have more officers, we’re able to handle the community’s needs a lot quicker, and so we have folks within our community that talk with us directly, whether it be community team policing sergeants or officers that folks trust,” said Ofc. Dutler.

Ofc. Dutler mentions having the police department at full strength of 127 personnel will also help them provide community-based service in Sioux City.

Full strength for Sioux City Police means having all of their different bureaus and units filled up.

“We have many different specialties within our department, whether that be investigations and taking of people’s felonies cases. We have traffic enforcement officers; we have officers that enforce drunk driving laws. We have a lot of different specialties units,” said Ofc. Dutler.

The need to fill units is especially important for the patrol division, which takes care of accidents and call volumes coming into the communication center daily.

Ofc. Dutler said the most important part of being a police officer is being able to address the issues in the community and help fix those problems.

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