Despite COVID-19 concerns, local church continue to see worshipers

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A select few braved the roads and traveled to church to continue attending service.

SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – In Siouxland, many people choose to spend their weekends indoors in hopes of avoiding any possible exposure to COVID-19 but a select few braved the roads and traveled to church to continue attending service.

Even though more than 30 people were at a Faith United Presbyterian service on Sunday morning, they did still make sure to take some extra precautions to stay healthy.

Some churchgoers said they really aren’t even nervous yet.

“I figure if it’s gonna get me, it’s gonna get me and I’ll let it come to me. I’m not gonna sit around and wait for it. I continue to do just go out where we want to go and just have a good time doing it,” said Bob Mesmer, a worshiper at United Faith Presbyterian.

On Sunday morning, many people decided to make their way to service and continue with their Sunday traditions.

“We will gather until we are told by the state or our city officials that we cannot gather and we will let people use their own judgment. We hope people will come but if they choose to stay home because they are either ill already or afraid of illness then they should stay home,” said Reverand David Koehler, United Faith Presbyterian Church.

Reverand Koehler is encouraging his churchgoers not to shake hands and hug for the time being.

They also have taken measures to make sure hand sanitizer is readily available for all throughout the church.

“As long as it is safe for us to do that we will take the precautions that we need to take and we will continue to gather when we are told that it is no longer safe then we will make other arrangements,” said Reverand Koehler.

The church is asking for those who are possibly sick to stay away.

One option currently being considered is switching to online services, but some churchgoers said as long as the door is open they will be at church.

“I’m 86 but I still can’t see why that should make me stay home because I am in good health and so here I am and I trust that the Lord will be with us through this day. I think that this is an important day to go ahead and express our faith but I don’t down anybody who says they do not want to come they do not want to take that chance,” said Reta Johnson, another worshiper.

“I know that there are churches that aren’t meeting in person right now and are going to live stream. We may end up doing that. Although we have never done that before. So we are still working out some kink on how we would even live stream our service anyway. But as long as we can gather in person, we will gather in person. Because we believe it’s important that we are face-to-face with each other,” said Reverand Koehler.

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