DENISON, Iowa (KCAU) — A Denison officer resigned in early August after he was accused of having sexual relations while on duty, according to a state filing.

In a “Law Enforcement Officer Change-in Status Form” to the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, Denison officers Daniel McGinnis resigned on August 9. The stated reason for his resignation was that he had sexual relations with at least two women while on duty.

The stated reason added that of two relations, one was by consent and the other by coercion. It goes on to state that the women were not related to McGinnis and that the administrative report was not complete at the time of filing.

Denison Police Chief Brandon Rinnan submitted the on August 11. In it, it stated McGinnis resigned in lieu of termination. A second form was sent on August 23 that stated McGinnis’ resignation was voluntary. An official with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy said the first filing was made in error and the second is the official.