Death toll rises in California mudslide

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The death toll is rises Thursday in the California mudslide disaster.

At least 17 people are dead and dozens are believed to be missing around the town of Montecito in Santa Barbara County.

Hundreds are reported stranded, with roads cut off and no water supply.

Thursday morning rescuers are going door-to-door, searching for survivors, placing an ‘X’ when it is all clear.

Powerful mudslides, funneling down these hillsides, left barren by last month’s fires. 

New video shows the mudslide’s power and speed.

An empty car in Burbank, bobsledding down the street, as a muddy mess washes downhill.

The death toll is rising.

At least 17 people killed, including Roy Rohter, the founder of a catholic school.

Pictures surfacing Thursday morning of some of the missing like, 12 year-old Sawyer Corey and her sister Morgan

Peter Floray was last seen at his Montecito home and Ken Liatas, has not been heard from since Tuesday.

At least 400 homes are damaged or destroyed and the evacuations still ongoing, it could take weeks or possibly months to restore drinking water in Montecito.

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