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SIOUX CITY, Iowa, (KCAU) – A Sioux City dance studio is continuing to teach its students despite not being able to see them. Much like school, the dance students are learning virtually.

Jessica McCully is the owner of Contemporary Dance Studio. She said teaching her students virtually has its challenges.

“There’s something to be said about actually being in that classroom and getting techniques,” McCully said.

Kloie Haroldson has danced at Contemporary Dance Studio for 11 years. She said she’s thankful she can still practice her techniques but it hasn’t been easy.

“It’s hard to like work by understanding by just having them explain instead of them physically touching you you have to figure it out on yourself,” Haroldson said.

McCully said although it’s different, virtual dance training allows her students to stay active while receiving live feedback.

“The first five to ten minutes of our class is just spent with all these kids chit-chatting and saying ‘hi’ and watching their eyes light up just because they’re physically seen another dancer or friend they haven’t seen in a week,” McCully said.

Because they aren’t in studio, she said many students were finding it difficult to train without equipment. That’s when her father stepped in and started building barres for her students to hold on to.

“It’s really great you know you see what everyone trying to do to help out,” her father Craig Jensen said. He’s mastered making a barre in just two hours.

“I donated this product here and my time and it’s well worth it. Absolutely. I hope they enjoy it and they should,” Jensen added.

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