Dakota Dunes residents voice frustration for third flood of the year

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While some of those living closest to the river have already evacuated people in other neighborhoods are choosing to stay put.

Dakota Dunes Flooding

DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. (KCAU) – This September, towns all over Siouxland are gearing up for their third round of flooding this year. Dakota Dunes have had an evacuation order in place since 11 a.m. Sunday, and officials are still urging homeowners to evacuate.

The Dakota Valley School District is suspending bus services to Dakota Dunes Monday, hoping to encourage more people to evacuate. While some of those living closest to the river have already evacuated, people in other neighborhoods are choosing to stay put. Officials continue to warn that even if their homes are not at risk of flooding., flooded roadways could leave them trapped.

“It’s frustrating that we keep going through this. We have lived in the area for close to 40 years and have never experienced anything like this,” said Bourne.

Perry Bourne lives in the Dakota Dunes and said since 2011 flooding in the area has gotten out of hand.

“You know there are probably people that will begin to start thinking about, ‘Should we be living somewhere else?’ And that’s frustrating. I mean, it’s a very nice community, and it just seems like there needs to be something more done along the river system,” said Bourne.

Since the beginning of the year, residents have had to evacuate of three separate occasions because of this, some are choosing to wait it out.

Officials, however, stress that this is not a good idea.

“I know you might say that you have never had water in your home that’s probably true. And you probably wouldn’t have water in your home again and sanitary sewer. I don’t think we will have a problem with the water, electricity, that kinda thing, but it’s just access to your home and there are so many uncertainties we just don’t want to risk it,” said Jeff Dooley, the manager of the Dakota Dunes Community Urban District.

Some of those who have evacuated are staying at nearby hotels in the area so if they need to travel further they can do so easily.

“It’s disconcerting. I never hoped that it would be this way but there is nothing you can do about it I guess,” said Ben Hammond who lives in the Dakota Dunes.

Most of the residents said they are so thankful for the constant updates from the community, but they want to see a solution for this ongoing problem.

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