SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As Dakota County, Nebraska debates a jail expansion project capable of housing dozens of federal inmates, Woodbury County is weighing how the project could impact capacity at its new jail already under construction.

On Wednesday, during a public hearing, dozens of Dakota County residents spoke out in favor of the Nebraska jail project. More than 100 federal prisoners could be housed at the enlarged facility once built.

Woodbury County was looking to cash in on many of the same prisoners once its new jail currently under construction on 28th Street is complete.

In each case, a deal with the U.S. Marshalls service could mean millions of dollars in revenue.

With a completion date sometime in 2023, members of the County Law Enforcement Authority who met Thursday said that they are looking at several options.

“There are conversations ongoing, and I think with different agencies. There are agencies beyond the federal marshals, and so again I’m not involved in those conversations, but it’s my understanding there are conversations going on with other agencies,” said

Dakota County commissioners will meet on Monday to continue discussions on whether or not to move ahead with a jail project or scrap it.