Dads learn how to braid daughters’ hair

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GRIMES, Iowa (WOI) – A lot of dads get the reputation that they can’t really do their little girls’ hair. But on Sunday that concept was laid to rest for a few fathers. 

The Daddy Daughter Traveling Hair Factory goes around the state giving parents a hands on training course. This trip stopped at the Grimes Public Library.

It’s an idea that started when AJ Johnson was suddenly outnumbered by girls in his family. 

“I have three little girls, so somebody needed to do it,” said Johnson. “We divide and conquer. So Tiffany my wife takes care of lunches in the morning and dad takes care of the hair.

Johnson used two of his daughters to demonstrate different styles during the class. But he says it’s not just a good skill to learn. It’s also something that helps foster father-daughter relationships.

“It’s a good time for dads to come to the other side of the table with their girls and be able to do something that’s important to them and be able to go over information and that bonding experience with their daughters. 

“It’s good for dads, myself especially to be able to do something important to them. We have fun things like crazy hair day and things like that which I get to be a part of. That’s not necessarily something every dad gets to do.”

The class is completely free. It started in Cedar Valley, but it’s become so popular on social media they now travel around offering classes to dads and daughters in other communities.

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