SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Dace Avenue bridge in Sioux City is currently closed for construction.

“It’s our worst bridge we have in the city, so we are re-decking it. We’re removing all the concrete, fixing the abutments, the approaches, and then we’ll be widening it for a bike trail on one side,” said Gordon Phair.

Traffic for the Dace Bridge is being re-directed to 4th Avenue and Floyd Boulevard, an already busy intersection.

The detour, however, means more semi-trailers making a difficult turn. The general manager of Coffee King Incorporated said the only problem she’s seen with the bridge closed is finding a way around it all.

“With summer there’s always more and more road construction, so you know maybe you try to take your second route. There might be a train there so, it’s just we gotta plan a little bit further ahead coming to work and at night just going home just to find some alternate routes due to the road construction in the area,” said Megan Vogel.

Vogel said the project isn’t hard to deal with but she is worried about another upcoming project.

“I’m a little bit more worried about whenever the Gordon Drive viaduct is gonna get shut down there and how employees, as well as customers, will be able to get to our businesses,” she said.

The Dace Avenue bridge reconstruction project is scheduled through December.