SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sioux City bike trails and streets might become more accessible for cyclists soon.

Sioux City currently only has one bike lane, but that could change and cyclists have said expanding bike access is good for Siouxland.

“I mean if we’re like trying to go place to place, we usually ride on a trail or the sidewalk or street maybe but that’s a little dangerous, you know?” said local cyclist Preston Schultz.

Preston Schultz bikes on Siouxland’s recreational trails and he said the journey between trails can be unpredictable.

“Sometimes we have to cross a street because sometimes a trail ends and it’s like a dead-end or we run into a dead-end, and other times it makes it a little easier because there’s like a crosswalk or something,” Schultz explained.

The City’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee contributed ideas to the Bike Facility Project. Korey Smith, a member of that committee and the owner of Albrecht Cycle Shop, said more street access for bikers is practical and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

“You can go get some errands done or you can go do some things you like on a bike. So and that exercise in between is really good for your physical and mental well-being,” said Smith.

Erin Berezina is the regional planning director at SIMPCO. She said most people have to drive to access the city’s trail system and this project could help cyclists throughout Siouxland.

“This would be a great opportunity to connect some residential areas both to the downtown area, the trail system, and to be able to ride the trails from Sergeant Bluff eventually all the way to Dakota Dunes,” said Berezina.

Berezina said the next step is bringing the plan to the city council for them to vote on the project. Currently, there is not a date scheduled for when that would happen.