Many companies are looking to protect themselves from cyber hackers, as online attacks can cost businesses millions of dollars in damages. 
According to recent reports, the U.S. reached its second highest rate of about 800 data breaches in 2015 alone and a Sioux City law firm has tools put in place to combat cyber criminals.   
Business and health sectors are the most affected by data breaching, but Goosmann Law Firm says all companies need to take precaution in protecting confidential information because hackers are always on the lookout for weak security systems or networks.   
Across the globe, cyber hackers are hard at work trying to defeat computer systems and networks to steal confidential information from corporations, mom and pop shops and consumers. 
The protection of our data, the protection of our identity and the protection of these storage devices that keeps all of this information,” says security expert Al Berman. 
But numerous companies have either taken initiative by investing in cyber insurance or looking to do so as security breaching is on the rise.  
“We’re going to see a great demand for it after we saw the hacks where target’s customers where it affected 40 million customers, we saw it in the office of personnel management. I think sooner or later, most organizations are going to have to purchase it because their customers are demanding that they purchase it,” says Berman.   
Sioux City’s Goosmann Law Firm offers cyber law counseling and helps businesses nationwide take preventative steps to protect data on the front end.  
“There have been several local instances of cyber liability crimes and cyber issues that have been occurring and different businesses and individuals have been victimized…Certain things that we would be looking at in particular would be their banking agreements and who’s authorized on their accounts to make certain transactions,” says Jeana Goosmann, CEO of Goosmann Law Firm. 
Businesses are making changes to help defeat cyber crime and it doesn’t stop there. Consumers can protect themselves too by upgrading their debit or credit card to a chip card which increases security while making in-person transactions.    
“It’s a lot safer, the data’s more encrypted,” says Goosmann. 
As cyber security becomes more of a demand, Goosmann says that companies and consumers should be vigilant in monitoring bank statements to ensure that you haven’t become a victim of cyber crime.