Crowd gathered outside Wells Fargo for Bakken pipeline protest

Local News

Bakken pipeline protestors were out in full force at the Wells Fargo Bank on Hamilton Boulevard, Saturday.

About 20 to 30 people showed up with signs outside of the bank.

Wells Fargo is one of about 40 banks involved in accumulating the funds supporting the construction of the Bakken pipeline.

Protests have been sprouting up– all over the u-s — for the last couple of weeks.

Protestors say they are  standing up for water and land– in the path of the pipeline.

“We’re grandparents, we’re parents, we’re some of us college students, high school students, obviously elementary kids. That are caring about the water and you know not everything we do isn’t just for us, its for their grandkids and kids too,” said LeMunyan. “I just suggest people get informed on ways going on.”

Construction of the Bakken pipeline started earlier this year.

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