Crittenton’s Stella Sanford programs serve kids, parents as they grow

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All of our Stuff the Stroller donations benefit the Crittenton Center, which has been helping Siouxland families for more than 120 years.

One of Crittenton’s programs that helps families is under the umbrella of Stella Sanford Child Development.  Through three different programs, they help kids get the best start so they can be ready for school.

“I moved to Sioux City back in 2006 and ever since, my kids have gone to Stella,” says Jessica Perez.

Jessica Perez knows what kind of care her son, Tristan, is getting at Stella Sanford Childcare. And, she knows he’ll be read for preschool, like her other children who’ve been through the program.

“My kids seems to learn a lot here and it’s carried on to school and now they’re straight ‘A’ students and are doing really well,” Jessica says.

This is one of three programs that make up Stella Sanford Child Development, which is part of the Crittenton Center.

Most, but not all, of the children come from working low income families and the Crittenton Center works to make child care affordable for every parent so they can stay in the workforce.

Patrick Patterson, West High Teacher, says, “I can bring him in the morning, I can take him home after school, and it just helps us out.”

The Stella programs also serve community members from all different socioeconomic backgrounds, including both teachers AND students at the West High Infant Center.

Patrick, who teaches at West High, likes that his son, Guy, is close when he’s a work and well taken care of.

“It’s a nice transition for them going from newborn up through going to school, eventually, here, it’s a nice program that brings them all the way through,” says Patrick.

It’s that peace of mind that Robert, another West High teacher, says makes a difference. His daughter, Teagan, is two and just moved from the infant center to Stella.

Robert McLey, West High Teacher, says, “You get daily feedback, peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and learning. The vocabulary development, just her sentence structure and the way she plays – it’s like a whole new person every single day.”

It’s a track for some of the littlest ones served by the Crittenton Center that keeps kids, and their families, on track for success.

Jessica comments, “I love the smiles when you walk in the door and just because of how they greet you, you know your kids are safe here.”

The third Stella program is the preschool at Liberty Elementary, which is free for 4-year-olds under the Preschool Initiative.

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