Crews respond to boat fire on the Missouri River

Local News

Fire crews responded to a boat on fire, which was floating down the Missouri River.

South Sioux City fire crews came down to the riverfront after 9:00 PM Thursday night, to try to put out the fire on the boat.

Thankfully, no one was on the boat at the time.

Toby English, the fire chief for South Sioux City, says no one was hurt. He also added that they did not look for anyone in the water, which was their first concern.

English says the fire was unusual because no one was on it at the time. He spoke to us about how they worked to put the fire out.

We were hitting it with our deck gun and pumper,” says English. “We were just kind of rolling along and hitting it, and that allowed us to knock it down far enough so that the (Marina) rescue boat, they have a smaller pump on there’s, so they were able to put it out the rest of the way.”

An electrical fire is the believed cause of the fire, and they believe it was accidental.

About 300 gallons of gas was on the boat at the time.

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