CRAWFORD, Iowa (KCAU) — Crawford County, Crawford County Memorial Hospital, and multiple care providers are being sued over alleged negligence that led to the death of a man.

Thomas Plagge died on May 4, and Blanca Plagge, his spouse and the administratrix of his estate, filed the petition on September 2. Including the county and the hospital, others named as defendants include, Eric Opheim, D.O.; Julie Nielsen, ARNP; Ruslan Safarov, M.D.; and Tri-State Specialists, L.L.P.

The suit states that the defendants evaluated and treated Thomas Plagge but were negligent in their care, saying their evaluation and treatment fell below the standard. The suit specifically states that Opheim evaluated and treated Plagge on or about May 3, one day before Plagge’s death. As a result, Plagge lost bodily function and suffered before dying on May 4. It doesn’t go into detail to the nature of Plagge’s condition that required medical treatment or specifically how the treatments provided by the defendants was negligent

As a result of Thomas Plagge’s death, his family lost his support, companionship, consortium, and an accumulation of assets.

The petition asks that the Iowa District Court for a trial by jury. If it finds a judgment in favor of Thomas Plagge’s estate, it asks for fair and reasonable damages that “will fully compensate the Estate for all losses.” It also asks for a punitive damage award against all the named defendants.