SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — More than 7,000 children in Woodbury County are now eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine. Health officials say those vaccines will be more widely available in Siouxland soon.

Tyler Brock is the deputy director of the Siouxland District Health Department. He said the department has ordered a few hundred doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

“We expect over the next few weeks for several clinics and a lot of the pharmacies including ourselves to be giving vaccines,” he said. “We’ve got plenty on hand and we should be able to meet whatever demand is out there.”

Brock said he expects more clinics and pharmacies to receive the vaccine over the next couple weeks, but not all pharmacies will be able to provide the dose. Liz Webb is a pharmacist with Drilling Pharmacy. She said while they provided previous COVID-19 vaccines for adults, pediatrician offices are better suited to administer the vaccine to young children.

“Usually when you go to a pediatrician’s office, they have a table where that child can lay down because those vaccines are often administered in the thigh muscle, so the nurses are kind of a lot more hands-on with that patient population and in our immunization room, we have chairs that are a lot more suitable for children five and up who we are already administering to,” Webb said.

For Sioux City resident Pam Cobb, time is running low. She hopes to get her four-year-old daughter vaccinated before preschool starts this fall. She wants her daughter to be vaccinated like the rest of her family.

“We’ve been wearing masks,” she said. “Her two older siblings have the vaccine already. They are eight and 12 and we’re just trying to get it for her.”

Siouxlanders who wish to get their kids vaccinated can make an appointment by contacting the Siouxland District Health Department or checking with your doctor.