COVID-induced anxiety increases as Siouxland reopens

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As the world continues to return to what is being called "the new normal," the threat of COVID 19, and the anxiety from it, remains for many.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As the world continues to return to what is being called “the new normal,” the threat of COVID 19 and the anxiety from it remains for many.

COVID-19 has altered just about everyone’s life in one way or another but, as the world begins to awaken to a new normal, a lot of fears remain.

“I’m just tired of being inside. I just feel like everybody wants to get back out to how it was,” said Jasmine Trudell, who was out with her kids on Wednesday.

As Siouxland reopens, many people are reacting differently.

“It’s kinda like in the beginning when all of the pandemic started and everybody’s anxieties are kind of up. And I think now we are so excited to get back into our old routines, but yet there is one anxiety there, like what do we do? Do we wear a mask? Do we not wear a mask? I think you really have to trust your own instinct, trust your gut,” Heartland Counseling Executive Director Jennifer Jackson said.

Jackson said Heartland is focusing on keeping patients comfortable.

“We did a survey, and about 40% said they still want to do telehealth. And we are going to honor that because that keeps them safe. That’s at their comfort level, and I think that will lessen their anxiety,” said Jackson.

Ben Uhl said after his whole family was at home for months getting outside this summer has meant a lot.

“I think playing baseball, being outside is especially in this heat is perfect. And it’s great not only for mental health, but I think you can maintain healthy distancing and do just fine out here in the sunshine,” said Uhl.

Jackson said most of the anxiety her patients have is coming from a good place.

“We have received back from clients and for my staff is they are worried about their loved ones. If I catch something, am I giving it to them,” said Jackson.

Jackson said it’s important to be understanding of others, as everyone learns to navigate the changes we’re all faced with.

“Jennifer Jackson recommends following the CDC guidelines which recommends wearing masks in public and continue to social distance. When Heartland Counseling reopens next month, they will require masks and they will continue to offer telehealth services as well.”

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