ONAWA, Iowa (KCAU) — A protective order has been placed against the mother of a teen who is on trial on multiple counts of sexual assault against minors.

The protective order was granted against Amanda McCandless on Tuesday by District Court Judge Tod Deck in the trial of Jay Neubaum in Monona County.

Jay Lee Neubaum is on trial for 10 counts of third-degree sexual abuse. Documents recorded a pattern of alleged assaults from early fall in 2019 up to late March of 2020 and investigations found at least 7 victims.

According to court documents, Neubaum raped a teen on two separate occasions in 2019. He is also accused of raping two other people in 2019, another female in January 2020, and two other females in March 2020.

The application for the protective order against McCandless filed was filed on January 21, and it states she threatened to post transcripts of the trial onto Facebook. Iowa law states the identity of a child shall not be released to by public except when authorized. The application states that McCandless was attempting to retaliate against the minor victim for testifying in the case.

The application for a protective order was preliminarily granted on Thursday. It orders three stipulations: to prohibit Neubaum or Neubaum’s attorney from releasing transcripts to McCandless, to prohibit McCandless from releasing the transcripts or victim’s identities to third parties, and if anyone were to violate the order, to face charges of contempt.

A hearing on the protective order has been set to take place on February 7.

Neubaum has been convicted of second-degree murder for the January 2020 killing of 16-year-old Joseph Hopkins.