SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A woman was arrested for allegedly being involved in a stabbing and apartment fire.

Lisa Church, 58, of Sioux City, was arrested on Thursday after documents stated an argument took place at an apartment complex on Jackson Street.  

Officers spoke with a person who claimed that, in the afternoon, Church had gotten upset with them when her daughter entered the home. The person said she began yelling before she took a pen and stabbed the wall, causing damage to it. Afterward, she allegedly used the pen to stab him in the abdomen, which caused visible injuries, documents state.  

Allegations continued on to say that Church left the residence and didn’t return for two hours. When she came back, she started a fire outside of the apartment door.

Church reportedly used a large notepad to start the fire before assaulting a juvenile girl who lived at the apartment complex. During the assault, Church allegedly punched the girl in the chest and grabbed her breast.

According to the documents, Church was verbally belligerent with officers before she was taken into custody. During an interview, she told officers that she started the fire so that the victim would open the door because he locked her out. She also denied attacking him with a pen and alleged that the victim was abusive to her in the past.  

The documents specified that Church was intoxicated and suffers from multiple mental disorders. She allegedly continued to be uncooperative and was taken to the law enforcement center.  

Church was also arrested on a warrant claiming she took a refrigerator from her rental when she was evicted in March 2021. Church then allegedly sold the refrigerator worth $250 two days later.

Church was charged with one count of serious domestic abuse assault, one count of fifth-degree theft, and one count of first-degree arson. She was booked into the Woodbury County Jail on a bond of $10,300.