Couple Gene Watchorn and Julie Mcdowell won $50,000 over the weekend for their participation in a television competition called “Christmas Light Fights”.

Families from all across the nation compete for the most amazing Christmas lights display.

The couple also won a special trophy and bragging rights for their hard work. 

The display featured a Musical Christmas Wonderland display of animations, inflatables and over 100,000 Christmas lights. There are also various displays of Christmas trees, a Christmas village, Nutcrackers, and over 250 animations!

Julie Mcdowell said the win came at a surprise and that she participated in it with doubt of ever receiving a chance. 

“We never anticipated that we could win. We’re in shock that we were even on the show to be honest with you. We thought it was a joke when we were approached.” said Julie. 

Gene Watchorn created and designed the decorations by hand.

He worked from Labor Day through Thanksgiving putting them up. 

He said he just wanted to bring something genuine to the community. 

“We just do it to please people and to give some enjoyment for the folks around and stuff. It’s something they can to that doesn’t cost them an arm and leg to visit,” said Gene.

The Christmas decorations will stay up through Christmas and everyone is welcome to visit. Their address is 58960 882nd Road, Ponca, Nebraska.

Take Park Rd (Spur 26 E), left as Golf Course on Highland Road. Travel approximately 2 1/2 miles until you reach 882 road and take a left. 

They will have open houses Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Special tours are available upon request. For more information call (402)-755-2655.