NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU)- Beginning next week, anyone who owns a firearm in South Dakota will be able to conceal carry that gun. Governor Kristi Noem signed that bill into law at the end of January.

Some people say they fully support the Second Amendment, but they’re hesitant about this law. Some say constitutional carry leaves too many unknowns for South Dakotan’s safety.

“I’m probably 50-50 on it. It could be beneficial. It could be hurtful. It’s just you never know in today’s society the way things are going,” said Luken.

Kimberly Luken owns Beano & Sherry’s Casinos, she has many customers visiting her business daily.

“If someone is carrying and concealing you’re not necessarily going to know it. I guess you always take that chance,” said Luken.

Luken also worries about someone unstable having a gun.

“Just to say I have the right to have a firearm doesn’t mean that you should,” said F&S Guns owner Bill Strawn who agrees with Luken, “You should know when and if you can use that firearm.”

The law beginning on July 1 will allow any South Dakotan who is allowed to own a gun to conceal carry in the state. Previously, gun owners would have to pay for a permit and undergo a background check to be granted that right.

“You’re dealing with the public and they are saying it’s my constitutional right I agree 100 percent it is but how do we know if you are legally bound to have that weapon so I’m a litter concerned that we will run into problems with questioning people about it to make sure that they are okay to have them,” said Richard Headid, North Sioux Cities Cheif of Police.

Law enforcement was one of the primary groups to speak out against the law during this legislative session.

“They will now have to assume that every traffic stop they are going up to an armed individual and it makes it difficult for them,” said Strawn.

If you are not from South Dakota you still need a concealed carry permit to carry in South Dakota. The same applies to South Dakotans visiting other states.