Congressman King hosts town hall meeting in Lyon County

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Constituents of Republican U.S. Representative Steve King gathered at the Forster Community Center in Rock Rapids, Iowa, Monday.

They were there to hear King speak and to ask him questions about what he’s working on, such as a Federal “Heartbeat Bill”

“Mississippi passed a heartbeat bill last week, and Ohio is very likely to move one through and get it signed by the Governor also. So things are moving in the nation on this state by state, I want a Federal Bill,” King said, before saying he would draft a version of that bill to present to Congress.

Some questions centered around King’s removal from Congressional Committees, which King blames on media sensationalism.

“They were going to try to unload everything media-wise, mainstream media, and internet social media and create this firestorm but they can’t tell me how I’m gonna vote, and they can’t tell me how I’m gonna best represent you. They want me to represent them,” King said. His removal followed comments he made about wondering how white supremacy became an “offensive term.”

King denied that he said that, and that his words were taken out of context. King reiterated that his intent was to mention his want to protect “Western Civilization.”

“But what I did say was ‘yes, I defend Western Civilization’ I’ve done that continually and for a long time, and we should all defend Western Civilization,” the congressman said.

Many of his supporters told him how valuable his conservative voice is for northwest Iowa, and that they’ll continue to support him.

“The congressman has represented this area and this district and this county for a long time,” Cody Hoefert, a Lyon County resident, said. “The people here know him. The people here know him well and know what he stands for and what he believes, so they’ll make up their own minds on how they’re going to vote next November.”

King says he hopes for continued support as once again his seat will be up for grabs in 2020.

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